Must-Dos Before You Hire A Builder

It’s important to make sure you are hiring the best possible builders, whether renovating your house or building your dream home. You can ensure a positive result, minimize stress and help to keep costs down by working with a building company that is reliable and experienced. To hire the perfect contractor for your next building project, start by following these tips:

1) Get Referrals

Talk to your friends, neighbours and family to see if they can recommend a good builder in your local area, or talk to the owners of any buildings under construction about the contractor they are using. Of course, it’s also easy to find good builders by looking online – look at builders’ websites, along with pictures of their projects and look at sites that have customer reviews and comments.

2) Verify the Licence

verify licensed
Means that the contractor is far more likely to carry out a quality job.

Using a building company that has the appropriate licencing with the local authority means that you are protected in the event of a shoddy job. And it also means that the contractor is far more likely to carry out a quality job, finish the work on time and generally do a good job.

3) Look At Recent Work

Visit some building projects that seem similar to yours in scope and size, after you have browsed the work in a contractor’s portfolio. If possible, look at work completed up to 10 years ago, a job recently built and one that is still under construction. Ask yourself whether the older buildings still look good after all this time and whether the work comes with a warranty.

4) Check References

Contact a contractor’s previous clients to get an overview from them. Try to find out what the working relationship was like, how the communication was with the contractor if the work was completed within budget and on time, and how any problems were handled.

5) Understand Your Contract

make a contract
Understand your contract and don’t sign until you have your permits approved.

Always make sure you understand what you are signing, and don’t sign until you have your permits approved. A little research and extra money spent at the outset of your project can guarantee the results are worth waiting for.